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Earthquake, cold and rain

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An earthquake of magnitude 3.9 was felt by Cypriot residents in the morning of November 19. According to the Department of Geological Monitoring, the tremors were felt at 09:17.

41 earthquakes in a month

Epicenter of the earthquake was located 25 km to the north-west from Limassol, in the region of Anogira and Prastio Avdimou. The depth was 10 km. There were no reports of destruction or injuries. The strongest tremors were felt by residents of Limassol and Paphos.

This is the 41st earthquake in the area of Cyprus within a month and the third which was felt by residents of the island (the first two earthquakes occurred on November 2 and 17 with magnitudes of 5 and 2, respectively).

Already tonight a cold snap.

Cyprus is in the power of anticyclone, due to which the island is warm sunny weather. But from Tuesday-Wednesday the situation will begin to change.

Today is clear during the day. The cloudiness may increase at times. The wind is northwest, southwest, 3-4 points. The air will warm up to +25-26°C inland and at the coast, up to +20°C in the mountains. It will be cloudy and cool in the evening. The temperature will drop to +16°C in the interior, +18-19°C in the west and south, up to +21-20°C in the east, up to +5-7°C in the mountains.

The rains will get stronger.

On Tuesday November 22 overcast in some places. Rains and thunderstorms are expected in some areas. The temperature will drop below the seasonal norm: up to +22°C – in the capital and the suburbs, +22-24°C – on the coast, up to +13°C – in Troodos. On Wednesday November 23, light rains are possible. The thermometer will remain at the same level. There is a high probability of precipitation on Thursday November 24.

Reservoirs of the island are filled to 68.6% (as of November 18).

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