Cypress Ecg Project News of Cyprus A ton of mushrooms fried at once in Spilia

A ton of mushrooms fried at once in Spilia

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The fourth So Mush Bigger mushroom festival held on November 19-20 in the village of Spilia set a new record: a ton of mushrooms was fried in a giant frying pan.

This traditional festival is dedicated to Cypriot mushrooms, their food and gastronomic value. For two days the guests of the festival were treated to fresh vegan burgers with mushroom cutlets, mushroom soup, mushroom shawarma cooked without meat, bao buns with mushrooms.

The crowning achievement of the Festival was the giant mushroom pan, where a ton of mushrooms were cooked in a 4-meter diameter container. This experiment set a new national record in terms of the size of the frying pan and the volume of mushrooms cooked in it. Previously maximum 341 kg of mushrooms in several pans were fried simultaneously in Cyprus. The organizers promised to apply for inclusion of their achievement in the Guinness Book of Records.

The educational part of the festival included a story about the types of mushrooms growing in Cyprus and methods of their cultivation.

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