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A family got lost in the Avacas Gorge

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A family from Germany was lost on the afternoon of November 21 in the Avakas Gorge. Two adults, 38 and 45, and their eight-year-old son got lost when it got dark.

They called the friends they were staying with, who in turn informed the police. The team immediately began a search. Around 8 p.m. the rescuers found the lost people. It helped a lot that the travelers had a small flashing flashlight with them. This greatly simplified the task of determining their location. The hikers were taken to the place where they had left their vehicle; they returned safely to their friends.

Incorrect navigation on nature trails becomes a big problem

Such incidents are generally infrequent. Nevertheless, getting lost in a forest, nature trail or gorge in Cyprus can be easy – often there is insufficient information on the route as to which way to go. At the moment 64 routes are prepared and controlled by the Department of Forestry. Another 31 are managed by local authorities. Because of this, the quality of nature trails can be very different. For example, the Zalakas Trail in Trimiklini, according to the sign, is supposed to start at the parking lot of the village. However, in fact, the trail starts 300 meters from the parking lot, at the chapel. The route leads to the top of the hill. There are two signs with the same destination, but they point in two completely different directions. Understandably, such signs are confusing. Tourists often have to search for the right directions or consult a map because there is no navigation at all.

Specialists say

When going on nature, always follow the certain safety rules:

  • Make sure that phones and other necessary devices are charged, for more confidence take the powerbank;
  • download a map of the area to your phone and check that it is available without internet (not all applications work correctly without access to the internet, even if the map is downloaded to the device);
  • It is desirable to inform friends or acquaintances where you are going and for how long, you can also make a post in social networks with your location;
  • It is very desirable to have a working flashlight and spare batteries for it. Flashlights on smartphones drain the battery of the gadget very quickly;
  • Take a small pack and warm clothes in case you get lost and have to wait a long time for help;
  • Wear brightly colored clothing. This will make you easier to spot.

If you are lost, call 112 and friends. Stop, try to signal your whereabouts (e.g. by flashing a flashlight) and wait for rescuers.

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