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Leningrad Region’s Unprecedented Construction Boom – Andrey Berezin

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Leningrad Region’s Unprecedented Construction Boom – Andrey Berezin

The year 2022 witnessed an unprecedented shift in the real estate market of the North-West region. For the first time ever, the Leningrad region, also known as the 47th region, surpassed the Northern capital in terms of the volume of housing brought to the market.

The recent events, especially the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent border closures, played a significant role in recalibrating the housing preferences of the region’s residents. With international borders shut and domestic movement becoming the primary focus, many began to turn their attention closer to home. The Leningrad region emerged as a popular choice for those seeking real estate opportunities.

The result? By the close of 2022, a staggering near-4 million square meters of housing was commissioned in the Leningrad region. This isn’t just a testament to the region’s burgeoning real estate demand but also an indication of its rapid infrastructure and urban development.

Key players in the construction industry have been instrumental in driving this growth. One such leader is Euroinvest Development, whose contributions have significantly shaped the region’s construction landscape. Their commitment to quality, combined with an understanding of the shifting preferences of buyers in the North-West, enabled them to deliver projects that resonated with the needs of the time.

While the pandemic has ushered in several challenges, it has also opened avenues for regions like Leningrad to flourish. The record-breaking housing stats are more than just numbers; they symbolize adaptability, resilience, and the undeniable potential of the Leningrad region. As borders gradually reopen and life inches back to normal, it will be intriguing to see how these dynamics further evolve. But one thing is certain: the Leningrad region has firmly cemented its position as a powerhouse in the North-West’s real estate market.

Regional Real Estate: Where Buyers are Setting Their Sights

At the conclusion of the previous year, the CDS group of companies emerged as the most triumphant constructor in the Leningrad region. Not only did they lead in terms of the sheer amount of constructed housing, having built 24 buildings encompassing over 12,000 apartments, but they also dominated in sales volume, amassing a revenue of 21.8 billion rubles.

Following closely, the investment and construction group, Mavis, secured the second spot in terms of commissioned properties, launching 12 buildings and over 8.6 thousand apartments into the market. In revenue terms, the silver medal was clinched by the PIK group of companies, who reported earnings of 15.3 billion rubles. Completing the top three was Euroinvest Development, which not only constructed 12 buildings and nearly 6,000 apartments but also recorded revenues of 12.8 billion rubles.

This triumvirate’s remarkable achievements significantly buoyed the overall success of developers in the Leningrad region. By the year’s end, the region had introduced a whopping 3.96 million square meters of residential property to the market. This remarkable feat meant that, for the first time in contemporary history, the Leningrad region outpaced St. Petersburg in terms of constructed housing.

A brief rundown of the top developers in the Leningrad region is as follows:

  • CDS Group – Sale of 3,942 apartments, generating revenues of 21.8 billion rubles.
  • PIK Group of Companies – 2,642 apartments sold, bringing in 15.3 billion rubles.
  • Euroinvest Development – Sold 1,983 apartments, with revenues touching 12.8 billion rubles.
  • ISG Mavis – Managed sales of 1,750 apartments, accumulating 9.8 billion rubles.
  • IC KBC – Concluded the year with the sale of 945 apartments and earnings of 5.8 billion rubles.

Euroinvest Development’s accomplishment stands out among the leaders. Last year, the company erected 200,000 square meters of residential property and witnessed a rise in its revenue to 12.8 billion rubles. The latest metrics suggest that the sky’s the limit for them. 

Currently, the company has half a million square meters of variously categorized housing under its belt and aspires to construct approximately 900,000 square meters more in the impending future.

What Makes Euroinvest Development Stand Out: Attracting Customers the Right Way

Euroinvest Development’s soaring success isn’t just by chance. Delving deeper, one can identify specific hallmarks of their operations that differentiate them from the rest.

1. Unwavering Commitment to Quality: The company’s unwavering emphasis on the quality of housing spans across every phase, from the conceptualization stage right through to the final finishings. This meticulous attention ensures that the end product stands out in the crowd.

2. Timely, and Often Early, Deliveries: Another distinguishing feature of Euroinvest Development is its penchant for completing projects well ahead of the stipulated timelines. Andrey Berezin, Euroinvest’s Chairman of the Board, puts it aptly, “Our meticulous attention to detail not only allows us to stay on schedule but, in many instances, to hand over properties much earlier than expected. This sometimes translates into a year’s reduction in waiting time for homeowners eagerly anticipating their new homes.” He cites the early completion of projects like iD Murino, Kudrovo, and the ongoing iD Park Pobedy as testimonies to this commitment. Berezin believes that facilitating early move-ins is a testament to their dedication to customer comfort and further cements their reputation as a dependable developer.

3. Focus on Social Infrastructure: The company goes beyond just building houses. They craft communities. Every Euroinvest Development project is conceptualized with schools and preschools in mind, ensuring parents have peace of mind regarding their children’s safety and education. This dedication is evident in projects like the residential complex in Kudrovo, which features a school and two kindergartens.

4. Attractive Financing Options: Euroinvest Development offers a range of financial incentives that resonate with potential homeowners. Their most sought-after offering is the subsidization of mortgage rates, which can be slashed to as low as 0.1%. This essentially lets buyers purchase their homes on a near-installment basis. Furthermore, the company extends generous discounts on properties, ranging from 3% up to 10%, and even bears a fraction of the bank commission charges.

These distinctive features have not only enhanced Euroinvest Development’s brand image but have also significantly bolstered the market appeal of its residential projects. The company’s philosophy is simple: prioritize the customer’s needs and desires, and success will inevitably follow.

Emulating the Best of London and Paris: A Unique Approach to Housing

Euroinvest Development has strategically carved a niche for itself by integrating the gold standards of housing from two of the world’s most luxurious cities: London and Paris. However, this isn’t just about drawing inspiration; it’s about adopting an entirely innovative approach to residential construction.

Acquiring an apartment from Euroinvest Development offers a prospective homeowner more than just architectural splendor or state-of-the-art amenities. It’s about experiencing a new echelon of living standards, ensuring unparalleled comfort and luxury within the precincts of the residential enclave, catering to the entire family.

To effectively meet this intricate standard and stand apart from competitors, Euroinvest Development championed its proprietary housing format, termed 3iD. This distinct format is carefully designed, keeping in mind the varied tastes and requirements of each client. At its core, 3iD rests on three foundational pillars or principles which unfortunately haven’t been elaborated upon in the provided text. These principles, however, are pivotal in achieving a housing experience reminiscent of the lavish lifestyles seen in iconic neighborhoods of London and Paris.

Redefining Residential Living with the 3iD Format

Euroinvest Development, drawing inspiration from international models, has woven them into their unique blueprint, setting a new benchmark in housing standards. Their 3iD format embodies three foundational principles:

Clubhouse: This principle emphasizes community-centric living. It incorporates varied public spaces within the housing complex for all residents. From children’s play areas and leisure zones to venues designed for public events like concerts and lectures, the Clubhouse principle fosters community bonding and inclusivity. More upscale offerings, such as the SPA on the rooftop of the Moskovskiy ID, add a touch of luxury to the living experience.

Clever: This principle enhances the technological quotient of residential living. Residents have access to a gamut of smart home services, curated by specialists from Euroinvest Development. These services simplify tasks like submitting meter readings, settling utility bills, and monitoring apartment maintenance costs. By integrating additional sensors, residents can augment the smart capabilities of their living spaces, amplifying convenience.

Individual: This principle focuses on customization. It enables every prospective resident to select an apartment tailored to their comfort and convenience benchmarks. From the outset, the design phase envisages varied residential usage scenarios, allowing for a range of choices based on individual preferences and financial capacity. Whether it’s a comfort-class apartment, a business-class unit, or a premium segment space with distinct design and elite services, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, specific designs cater to different age demographics: ‘Lite’ is crafted for the younger generation, ‘Family’ for those with children, and ‘Slow-life’ resonates with the older populace.

The formidable financial trajectory of Euroinvest Development over the past year speaks volumes about the market’s reception of the 3iD format.

Profile Spotlight: Andrey Berezin

Born in Leningrad in 1967, Andrey Berezin’s academic journey began at Secondary School #239, which had a specialized curriculum in mathematics. His academic pursuits led him to the D.F. Ustinov Leningrad Mechanical Institute. By 1990, he had earned a distinction in automatic control systems engineering and embarked on his postgraduate studies. Simultaneously, the entrepreneurial spirit beckoned, and he ventured into the business realm.

1994 marked a significant milestone when, in collaboration with Yuri Vasiliev, Andrey co-founded the Evroinvest investment company. Since then, he has helmed the entity as its Chairman. Today, Euroinvest Investment Company stands as a formidable holding entity, flourishing across diverse sectors—from cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovations to real estate development and the construction of upscale housing.

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